Hypnosis for Phobias and Panic Attacks

“I haven’t had a single panic attack since my last meeting two years ago.”

  • “Yesterday I got on the elevator with my colleague. I never even thought about the elevator…I simply did it like it was some normal thing. I’m so psyched!”

    - Tanya Scanlan, Danvers

  • “I’ve seen a number of spiders and I haven’t had the same reaction. I think they ‘re gross looking. But I’m not really that afraid of them anymore.”

    - Megan Claremont, Reading

  • “I would, and have, without reservation recommend the treatment to anyone who has been limited by a phobia.”

    - Karl Orrette, Weymouth

“I have not had a single panic attack since 2014.”

How I help my clients overcome phobias
and panic attacks

Some of the phobias I’ve helped clients resolve include
fear of drivingfear of heights
fear of insectsfear of vomiting
fear of panic attacksfear of snakes
fear of doctors/dentistsfear of public speaking
fear of flyingfear of things near the eyes
fear of needlesfear of elevators
fear of enclosed spacesfear of tunnels

Could I help you, too?

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