Flat Fees for complete solutions

If we work together, you'd pay a single fee for success. It's one price, regardless of how many sessions it takes to solve the problem (with you defining and judging success). If you'd reached the ten sessions and you were making good progress, we'd continue until the things are completely solved. If you'd done that much work and you didn't feel like you'd made any progress at all, I'd guarantee the work by refunding half the fee.

Fees vary depending on the client and the issue. Usually they fall somewhere in the $3-7k range.

Why do I work this way?

Client results are much better working in a flat-fee structure. This work can sometimes be more challenging or take more time than people may have expected. Working in this frame, clients stick with it. They commit at a deeper level. And as a result, a lot more people succeed.

I think it also gives clients a degree of confidence knowing that I'm also accountable for their results. It's a team effort where we're both invested.


Sorry, I don't do any insurance billing. I've had a few clients who were able to get the work partially covered with HSA funds, but I don't know the details of how they arranged it. I just provided them with a receipt.

Could I help you, too?

Nine out of ten Boston Hypnosis clients are successful because I limit my practice. Would you be a good fit?