I like to help all my clients achieve their goals...

Brian Mahoney form Boston Hypnosis

So I limit my practice to motivated people who want to actively participate in getting their goals accomplished.

I usually can't help people –
- Who want to passively have someone "fix" them.
- Who are only mildly interested in getting their problem solved.
- Who are seeking traditional therapy (I'm not a psychologist, psychiatrist or LICSW).

I can probably help you if –
You're ready to actively participate in getting your goal accomplished.
A natural, drug-free solution is important to you.
You're comfortable with a fixed fee for a guaranteed successful outcome, regardless of the number of sessions involved.
You're honestly excited about the idea of succeeding.
You'd like to have a real conversation about your situation (and how I might be able to help you) now.

Sound good?
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