Hypnosis for anxiety and weight loss

I'm Brian with Boston Hypnosis.

I offer hypnotherapy and solutions coaching for -

Weight Loss


Erectile Dysfunction

Phobias & Panic Attacks

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Flying

Driving Anxiety

Sleep Hypnosis

Habits & Compulsions

Other Issues...

I specialize in stubborn problems resistant to other approaches.
Online hypnosis and in-person sessions

Clients say...


years of hypnotherapy & coaching experience


years in full-time private practice

Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists

Certified Clinical Hypnotist, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Certified Master Hypnotist, American Board of Hypnotherapy

Certified Coach, NLP Academy (UK)

Certified Master Coach, International Assoc. of HNLP and Hypnosis

I'm Brian Mahoney from Boston Hypnosis.

This is how I help my clients with hypnosis for anxiety and weight loss.

Clients I can help.

Most Boston Hypnosis clients are successful because I limit my practice.