The Process

Hear clients describe what the process was like for them...

  • "Brian’s instincts about how to proceed to address a problem are incredibly accurate. But if for some reason his approach doesn't work, he willingly changes his strategy."

    - Kat, Brookline

  • “Brian has a jam-packed toolbox of approaches, not just hypnosis. He doesn’t waste your time and he approaches his work with honesty and integrity.”

    - Elise Delano, Newton

  • "Brian has many non-hypnotic tools in his toolchest. For me personally, I was *shocked* that he was able to solve my problem with a more cognitive focus on the issues that didn't involve any 'deep trances.' "

    - Anish Potnis, Boston

How Brian describes the process

Every client is unique. Their process is, too.

The way clients structure their issues is different from person to person. Even across different clients who have the same issue. So I'm constantly changing and adapting approaches to fit each client and the unique structure of their issue. The work usually involves hypnotherapy, but there are also many other ways to get things solved.

These are some of the approaches I combine to help clients succeed.

Could I help you, too?

Nine out of ten Boston Hypnosis clients are successful because I limit my practice. Would you be a good fit?