Driving Anxiety Hypnosis

“I had no concerns getting on Route 90…I felt like a normal driver.”

  • “I’ve done many highway drives and drives on roads that were an issue when we started together. I’ve been driving on the highway just about every day. So, fantastic progress.”

    - Edward Crowley, Andover

  • “It was nothing.  I just went on the highway easily.  It was very natural.  I’m very happy with everything, it’s benefited me far more than I ever would’ve imagined.”

    - Kayla Reed, Quincy

  • “I drive go to work , I drive to get groceries - just like a regular person! If someone told me I would be driving one year ago, I wouldn’t have believed it in a million years!”

    - Priya, Boston

How I help my clients resolve driving anxiety.

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