About Brian

Hear clients describe what I'm like to work with...

  • “It is an amazing experience walking out of his office, half-dizzy from all the work that has been done but happy with tangible results.”

    - Mary S., Yelp review

  • “Brian has a jam-packed toolbox of approaches, not just hypnosis. He doesn’t waste your time and he approaches his work with honesty and integrity.”

    - Elise Delano, Newton

  • “I’m really glad to have worked with someone who is professional, sensitive to his client’s needs and most importantly, just a really cool person.”

    - Melissa LaFleur, Brighton

I’m Brian Mahoney,
Hypnotherapist and coach

Could I help you, too?

Nine out of ten Boston Hypnosis clients are successful because I limit my practice. Would you be a good fit?