“I haven’t had a single panic attack since my last meeting two years ago.”

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Phobias and Panic Attacks

“Yesterday I got on the elevator with my colleague. I never even thought about the elevator…I simply did it like it was some normal thing. I’m so psyched!”
– Tanya Scanlan, Danvers

“I’ve seen a number of spiders and I haven’t had the same reaction. I think they ‘re gross looking. But I’m not really that afraid of them anymore.”
– Megan Claremont, Reading

“I would, and have, without reservation recommend the treatment to anyone who has been limited by a phobia.”
– Karl Orrette, Weymouth  

How I help my clients overcome phobias and panic attacks-


Some of the phobias I’ve helped clients resolve include –

– fear of driving– fear of heights
– fear of insects– fear of vomiting
– fear of panic attacks– fear of snakes
– fear of doctors/dentists– fear of public speaking
– fear of flying– fear of things near the eyes
– fear of needles– fear of elevators
– fear of enclosed spaces– fear of tunnels