“…with Brian’s help I had figured out ways to solve my problems which I never dreamed possible.”

– jaciup, Google review

Other Issues

“I have not blushed virtually at all over the past two months. This has had an incredibly positive effect on my life.”
– Kent Larson, Cambridge

“I didn’t deal well with rejection and anger…my anger has subsided now and I’m more productive”
– Mihir T., Boston

“I had extreme anxiety while studying and during test-taking…I’ve been getting A’s and haven’t stressed out since my sessions with him”
– Allison, Somerville  

There are a number of other issues I’ve helped clients solve or improve.  They include –

• blushing• post-breakup issues
• anger issues• test anxiety
• grief• performance blocks
• motivation issues• procrastination

Feel free to give me a call if you don’t see your issue on the list.  It may be something I can help with, and if it’s not, I may be able to refer you to someone who can.