“I had no concerns getting on Route 90…I felt like a normal driver.”

– Kara Holland, Somerville

Driving Anxiety

“I’ve done many highway drives and drives on roads that were an issue when we started together. I’ve been driving on the highway just about every day. So, fantastic progress.”
– Edward Crowley, Andover

“It was nothing.  I just went on the highway easily.  It was very natural.  I’m very happy with everything, it’s benefited me far more than I ever would’ve imagined.”
– Kayla Reed, Quincy

“It was vastly different.  It was during a storm, but it wasn’t as anxiety-provoking.  I felt so much more calm and experienced with what I knew I could do.  It was kind of fun.  Afterwards I felt very grounded.  Very happy and proud.”
– Stephanie Y., Boston