“…with Brian’s help I had figured out ways to solve my problems which I never dreamed possible.”

– jaciup, Google review


Before your first session…

Please note a few things about me and the way I work-

– I act as a guide, using hypnosis, deep conversation and coaching to help you to tap into your own abilities to achieve your own goals.

– I’m not a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. I don’t engage in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure of any disease or disorder. I don’t practice psychotherapy or medicine and I may require a referral from a doctor or other licensed professional for some issues.

– My commitment is to help you succeed as quickly and completely as possible. Most work is accomplished very quickly by traditional standards. Because every person is different, I can’t guarantee a time frame for your work.

– Most of the issues I help clients work with are emotional in nature. The work itself is often emotional.

– Most importantly, be aware that our work together is a partnership. In order for you to succeed, you must be committed to doing your part.

Appointment cancellations

If you need to cancel an appointment, I ask for 24 hours advance notice. If you don’t cancel with at least 24 hours notice, or simply no-show, please understand that not only results in lost income to me, but wastes a session that could have been used by someone else.
I charge $100 for last-minute cancellations and no-shows (medical emergencies excepted, of course).

Appointment length

Most sessions last between one and 1.5 hours. Some session may run as long as two hours.

Pricing & payment

Fees are payable in full when you come for the first session.  Most clients prefer to pay by check or cash since I pass on the 3% fee my processing company charges me for transactions.